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About Cocktail Explorer

Hello, my name is Freek!
I built Cocktail Explorer as a tool for home bartenders to easily explore cocktails and recipes using YouTube videos. I hope it can be equally useful for people making their first cocktails at home for themself or a bunch of friends.
This website couldn't exist by the amazing YouTubers and the incredible videos they make. Don't forget to subscribe and support them!

Ideas for the future.

Filter by multiple ingredients and/or creators
This would make it much easier to find cocktails when you have a bunch of ingredients. The technical side isn't complicated, the design part should be done well as otherwise it might make the website too complicated.

More history/background for popular cocktails
I would love to add 1-2 paragraphs per famous cocktail with a bit of background. An example of this can be found for the Mojito. As I'm not a great writer, help is appreciated!

Categorize cocktails by cocktail "themes"
A friend suggested adding "themes" to cocktails. Example can be "sweet", "low ABV", "mocktail", "nightcap", "tiki". This would make it easier to find cocktails without limiting by ingredients.

If you have any ideas, questions or thoughts about Cocktail Explorer:

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